UK: Family members jailed for forcing teen to lick toilet seat, eat her own waste

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London, Dec 22: A total of 56 years of jail term has been given to family members of a teenager girl who found dead at her house after years of torture in Britain.

The family members including sister-in-law, four of her brothers and her sister were jailed for torturing the teen that resulted into victim's death.

Family tortures teen to death, jailed

The teenage girl identified as Shahena Uddin, 19 was found dead in the bathroom of her home in Watford in October last year, reported BBC.

She was forced to lick the toilet seat and eat her own waste after being punished for 'offences' like not eating at the speed asked by her family members.

In a suicide note, Shahena described herself as 'bad' and said that she 'does not deserve to live in this bad world' because she 'ruined everyone's life and happiness'.

In one, Miss Uddin writes. "Every day I am scared and I can't live like this any more" and in the same letter says "I will always love you but I need to go my own way. I will never forget what you... have done for me. "

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Shahena had been under the guardianship of Suhail Uddin and his wife since she was 15 and lived in a terraced house in Leavesden Road with her family.

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