UAE: You may be jailed if found eating in public during Ramadan

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Dubai, June 20: Beware of eating in public during holy month of Ramadan in UAE as you may land in jail if found guilty.

As per Article 313 of the UAE Federal Punitive Law, one can be penalized with a fine of not more than Dh2,000 or a jail term of maximum one month, Khaleej Times reported.

Jail term for eating in public in UAE

"Muslims are ordered by Almighty Allah to abstain from eating and drinking from Dawn time to sunset on these blessed days which fall in the sweltering summer months," advocate and legal advisor Yousuf Al Sharif said.

Hence, it is not acceptable or respectful from others to offend Muslims by carelessly eating or drinking in front of them, he added.

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"It is kind of consideration more or less, but some people are indifferent and recklessly give no head or respect to others, and hence those have to be stopped by law."

"Neither Islam nor the UAE law intervenes in the personal life of non-Muslims. Otherwise, it shows full respect to their beliefs, traditions and backgrounds, no matter we agree with them or not."

One can eat or drink only in private without offending others in this holy month.

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