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Twitterati says #Justdontdoit to Nike; Burning Nike shoes and socks a new trend


Washington, Sep 5: The internationally acclaimed sports brand Nike might have just landed themselves in trouble after their new ad campaign went horribly wrong. The ad campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of their 'Just Do It' campaign featuring the controversial NFL player Colin Kaepernick is making alot of noise for all the wrong reasons.

Colin Kaepernick, the American football quarterback, 30, became a household name after he protested against racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the US national anthem in August 2016. Other players followed suit, leading to criticism from President Donald Trump.

Ad teaser featuring Colin Kaepernick

Nike's new ad said 'Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything', with Colin Kaepernick's face in the background. As soon the ad went viral, social media critics took to twitter to protest against the ad. Soon #JustBurnIt, #BoycottNike and many other anti-Nike slogans began trending.

People started burning their Nike merchandises such as shoes and socks and were asking other users to join in the campaign. Few celebrities such as Country singer John Rich tweeted a photo of a pair of Nike socks with the brand's swoosh logo cut off.

Singer John Richs tweeted photo. Courtesy- @johnrich twitter account

Few users stood in support to Colin Kaepernick and said that all he did was to stand up for national equality and violence against race. One user wrote, "To everyone who is planning to #JustBurnIt, might I suggest you donate your @Nike merch instead? Plenty of people in need, including vets and families of active duty military, would be more than grateful to wear it. #JustDoIt", in his support.

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