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You will pay for harbouring terrorists, Trump warns Pakistan

By Vicky

US President Donald Trump hit out at Pakistan and said that the country gives a safe haven to agents of chaos. "Pakistan often gives safe haven to agents of chaos," he said, noting that there is nuclear-powered tensions between Pakistan and its neighbor India.

US President Donald Trump

Trump called terrorists "nothing but thugs and criminals and, that's right, losers."

India makes billions of dollars with the United States in trade. We want them to help us more in Afghanistan, the President of the United States also said.

We will develop a deeper strategic partnership with India, but we want them to help us more in Afghanistan, he also said. Pakistani people have suffered from terror, but at same time Pakistan has been safe haven for terrorists, he further stated.

Pakistan has much to gain from partnering in our effort in Afghanistan, but it has much to lose as it harbours terrorists and criminals, Trump further stated.

"We will not talk about numbers of troops," Trump said. "I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will," he added. "We are not nation building again. We are killing terrorists," he said.

When one part of America hurts, we all hurt," Trump said, adding, "Loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another." Trump added that US troops fighting wars abroad "deserve to return to a country that is not at war with itself at home."

Trump acknowledged that his "instincts" told him to pull out troops from Afghanistan.

"Historically, I like following my instincts," Trump said. "A hasty withdrawal," Trump said, would create a "vacuum" for terrorists.

Trump lamented the 20 terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the "highest concentration in any region, anywhere in the world," he said.

"Conditions on the ground," not public timetables, will determine the US' strategy, he said.

He said that Afghanistan had to carry the burden in this conflict- politically, economically and military. "Our patience is not unlimited," Trump said. "We will keep our eyes wide open."

He said a quick withdraw from Afghanistan would create a vacuum that terrorists would fill. He called terrorists "thugs" and "losers."

"They are nothing but thugs and criminals and predators and, that's right, losers," Trump said. "We will defeat them and defeat them handily."

Trump said his"original instinct was to pull out" of Afghanistan. "Historically I like following my instincts, but all of my life I heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office," he said. The President added that he studied Afghanistan "in great detail and from every angle."

He also said that a hasty exit would create a vacuum which ISIS and al-Qaeda would instantly like to fill as it happened before 9/11, he also said.

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