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Sri Lanka: Mute beggar on bus suddenly starts talking


Colombo, Feb 25: Some stories are so baffling that it becomes difficult sometime to differentiate them from an entertaining joke cracked by a person of humour.

Sri Lanka: Mute beggar on bus suddenly starts talking; passenger puts money to help beggar back in p

Recently, an instance happened at a bus station in Sri Lanka and it left people in splits after it was shared on a news platform. It was at the Central Bus Stand in Pettah, Colombo, Sri Lanka, where a lot of beggars seek help in large numbers.

One among those beggars was known to be mute and he used his hands to communicate with people while seeking help. It was mainly in the evening time that the person was spotted begging in the buses.

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According to a report in Sri Lanka's Daily Mirror, a passenger saw the beggar boarding a bus with a pair of crutches for his everyday business of seeking help.

The passenger first thought that the mute person might have met with an accident that forced him to use the support. But just when he took out a note to give the beggar out of sympathy, the latter, to his surprise, started talking! He said: "Look at what happened to me..."

The passenger quietly put the note back into his pocket even as the beggar went on convincing other people travelling in the bus.

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