Saudi busts a horrific ISIS plot

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Kuwait, April 28: The ISIS which has been looking to hit the United States of America hatched a plot to hit them at Saudi Arabia. The target was the American embassy in Saudi Arabia and few other American related installations, investigations have revealed.

The Saudi Arabian police have in the past month arrested at least 93 persons in connection with the plot. The plot was hatched in Syria and fighters of Saudi origin sent to Riyadh to execute the plan. [ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly dead, says Radio Iran]


Suicide bombing:

The plot hatched involved a series of suicide bombings. The attack was to timed for the months of March and April. The first time the information was picked up was in the first week of March.

The US had placed all its installations on high alert. Once the investigations commenced, it led to a major trail which resulted in the arrest of 93 Saudi nationals all owing allegiance to the ISIS.

Attacks on the US:

The ISIS has long been warning the Americans of a deadly attack. However, it appears as though they would target the US in other countries as penetrating into the US is extremely difficult.

Moreover, the proximity between the US and Saudi Arabia is not approved of by the ISIS. They are also upset that the US-Saudi air strikes at Yemen as it has indirectly held the Al-Qaeda capture more ground.

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