Revealed! The sick men behind the Peshawar Siege

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Men behind the killing
Peshawar, Dec 18: The ghory images fail to go from one's psyche, especially when more blood-ridden photos of the Army school and young school children flood the Internet. The mind boggles at the insanity, the recklessness and the heart gets frustrated at the utter dismay in the face of humanity. Who could have the heart to kill school children?

The answer was delayed but the bloodied hands of the faces of terror appeared soon. Surprisingly, there was nothing on their faces that showed a remorse or a regret at what they were about to do. Instead, they posed with pride, flaunting their machines. And behind them, a banner read 'There is no God but Allah'. The six men, one of them on the extreme left was probably the age of the senior students who were killed.

The killing

Spotting both traditional Taliban attire and Army uniforms to avoid suspicion before they stormed into the school, these men were to slaughter 132 innocent children who knew nothing about the war. The picture was taken just a few hours before the rampage, but was released only by yesterday by the Taliban. This was followed by an e-mail, which justified the siege, siting that this was a revenge against the Pakistani army that killed Taliban's children and families.

Khurasani, the terror group's spokesperson further warned that there would be more such attacks. He warned Pakistani civilians to detach themselves from all military institutions, saying,"We are still able to carry out major attacks. This was just the trailer."


The one who ordered the slaughter

Maulana Fazlullah, head of the Taliban in Pakistan was the mastermind behind the massacre. It is to be noted that he also ordered the murder of Malala Yousafzai. Intelligence agencies believe that this firebrand also wanted to retaliate to Malala being awarded the Nobel prize. Pakistan's army chief flew to Kabul to seek help in tracking him down. He also claims to have intercepted his calls to his lieutenant Umar Naray, who managed the operation keeping in touch with the gunmen directly.

Peshawar 3

United we stand

The parents who lost their children have nothing else to lose. This massacre has strengthened them, which is why there are tides of anger in a society, which was averse to speak against the Taliban. The government of Pakistan too responded swiftly with Nawaz Sharif announcing a moratorium on the death penalty to be lifted for terror-related cases. The prime minister approved... Black warrants [execution orders] will also be issued within a day or two.

Peshawar 5

The government has also placed schools on high alert and have instructed them to rehearse escape routes.

Whatever the case be, Pakistan has finally sent a clarion call for finishing the Taliban regime and the neigbouring countries stand in unity.

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