Revealed: New Timeline of MH370; systems shut after Good Night message

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Malaysian Airline
Kuala Lumpur, March 18: The mystery around the missing MH370 has deepened even more when investigators released a revised timeline, stating that the last contact with the cockpit was made when both the ACARS and the transponders were switched on.

It was earlier said that the ACARS was swithced off first and then the contact was made to misguide the control tower.

However, no conclusive statements can be made until the debris is found and the final report is out. The investigators haven't ruled out any of the possibilities of pilot suicide, sabotage, hijack and more.

Meanwhile, search operations have been intensified in the northern and the southern hemispheres. Australian vessels have scoured the southern Indian Ocean and China has offered 21 of its satellites for the same.

Investigators have asked the countries from where the passengers of the ill-fated plane hailed to do a background check of all of them.

"The fact that there was no distress signal, no ransom notes, no parties claiming responsibility, there is always hope," said Hishammuddin Hussein, the defence minister of Malaysia.

According to the new timeline, both ACARS and the plane's transponders, which make the plane visible to civilian air traffic controllers, were turned off at the same time. It also explains that the last message by the pilot could have preceded any of the severed communications.

But, why were they cut off in the first place is still a mystery, involving an external agent who is well-versed with the plane's technology.

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