Pro-Russian woman puts on dead MH17 passenger's make-up

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Woman puts dead MH17 passenger's make up
Kiev, July 28: Two days after a reporter was seen rummaging through the luggage of a dead passenger of Malaysian airline MH17, comes another incident which has irked many people.

According to reports, a Pro-Russian woman named Yekaterina Parkhomenko posted pictures of herself on Instagram wearing make-up, which she claims was looted from the crash site of MH17.

She wrote, "Mascara from Amsterdam, to be precise from the field, well you understand." Parkhomenko said that she herself had not got the mascara from the crash site but was given to her by a friend.

Her account was later deleted after severe criticism. Defending her actions she said that she was sick of what was happening in Ukraine and everything Ukrainian made her sick.

This also comes to light after there was severe criticism with respect to handling of the bodies and the luggage of the passengers.

Parkhomenko's actions drew her a lot of criticism even on Twitter-

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