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Post Brexit, both big parties of UK have become faceless


London, June 29: The politics of the UK is in doldrums. After the country showed a polarised verdict in favour of exiting the European Union (EU) in a referendum on June 23, a vacuum has been created with nobody having a clear-cut idea about where they are heading. In fact, in a unique situation which has evolved, both the main partes---the ruling Conservative and opposition Labour---have become rudderless.

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The vacuum became evident in Brussels on Tuesday when Prime Minister David Cameron was unable to focus any light on his country's post-Brexit route in a meeting with the 27 other European leaders. The EU, on the other hand, was creating more pressure on the UK to speed up the process to complete the divorce.

cameron and corbyn

Cameron has lost the moral authority to rule and left everything to his successor

The scenario has been complicated by the fact that Cameron has left it to his successor to finish off the formality. With the head of government turning into a caretaker, the real responsibility now rests with the pro-exit leaders.
But the picture is not very bright on that front either. Ever since the Brexit happened last week, the Leave campaign leaders are mostly silent, avoiding the media and expressing little over their plans to steer the country out of the messy state of affairs.

Some of the prominent pro-exit voices have even seemed to have moved back on their promises that the post-Brexit UK would enjoy all the benefits of the EU membership minus the burdens. European leaders have said that position is not permissible.

The UK wants to begin negotiations once it has a new PM in place but that process is going to be a long affair. Cameron's successor will not be elected by the people but will be picked through a two-stage process. The Tory MPs will first bring down the number of candidates to two and then the winner will be decided.

The probable successor to Cameron---Boris Johnson---has a lot of hurdles to overcome

Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London who spearheaded the Leave campaign, leads the race to become the next resident of 10 Downing but neither he has declared his plans till now and could face a more serious challenge ahead.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, too, has lost his face in party

The Opposition Labour Party also faced an implosion after 172 members of the parliamentary delegation expressed their no-confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, their leader.

Corbyn, who had the backing of just 40 members, however remained adamant and pledged not to step down. He said he was democratically elected leader of the party and he would not betray those who backed him and said Tuesday's voting had no constitutional legitimacy.

However, the polling could lead to a new leadership crisis in the Labour Party which is already hit by factional feuds.

Corbyn's critics in the party said he did not do a serious job in keeping the UK in the EU and that many Labour members were not aware of their party's official position.

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