Pakistan army murders Baloch political activist leader Dr Manan

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New Delhi, Jan 31: Baloch struggle against Pakistan started just after forced occupation by Pakistan army in 1948. The struggle is continued with on and offs, ups and downs.

The current phase started in 2000 is the most effective and hence led to most brutal crackdown by Pakistan army.


More than 20 thousand Baloch have been abducted and disappeared & more 5 thousand were killed and dumped by Pakistan army.

BNM is the first and largest nationalist and freedom seeking party in Balochistan, formed in 1987 as Balochistan National Youth Movement (BNYM). Later youth was removed for a broad spectrum to allow all ages of people to be its member.

In 1988 some of its leaders decided to accept and join Pakistani parliamentary politics, so it damaged the cause and diverted its slogan.

In early days of 2000, Baloch freedom struggle again regained an start, so Ghulam Mohammad started preaching to be the part of freedom struggle as political wing in Balochistan.

He succeeded to make it 2003 and BNM again became on the path to independence.

Baloch separatist leader Dr Manan Baloch was murdered in a military operation by Pakistan army early morning on the Saturday of 30st January, 2016.

His 4 other companions were also killed when military attacked their hideout in Balochistan's Mastung area.

Dr Manan was the Secretary General of the Baloch National Movement, a political group seeking independence from Pakistan.

Although the BNM claims its struggle is peaceful, the Pakistan military has killed dozens of its leaders and activists, including its founding president Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, due to their separatist demand.

All BNM leaders now live in hiding due to the military's ruthless crackdown on the party. Dr Manan was secretly staying at the house of two brothers - Ashraf and Haneef, who were also BNM members - in Mastung's Kili Dattu village.

Two other party members Sajid and Babu Noroz, who were also staying there, were killed in the military raid. Young Sajid was a close relative to Dr Manan.

Dr Manan was born in 1968 in Mashkay and graduated from Bolan Medical College, Quetta, in 1999.

He served as a medical officer in several areas, including Jahoo, Awaran, Greshag and Mashkay. In 2011, he resigned as a medical officer, refusing to be a Pakistan government employee.

He was elected as the BNM's Secretary General - the second highest rank in the party after the Chairman - in 2010. In 2014's council session, he was re-elected on the same position.

A soft-spoken man, he limped on one leg due to a road accident.

The BNM has announced a protest call against the killing of its leader. Its international spokesman Hammal Haider Baloch said the party has decided to announce three-day strike in Balochistan and 40-day mourning period.

He said Dr Manan has been instrumental in organizing the party and furthering its cause. While condemning the the killings, he said the struggle for a separate Baloch homeland will continue despite all odds.

Dr Manan and Sajid will be buried later today with Sangat Sana, another Baloch separatist leader killed by the military in 2012 in Mastung's Kadh Koocha area.

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