Pain in the left leg? You could have half a brain.

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New Delhi, Oct 5: In a bizarre incident in France, a 44-year old healthy married male was found with half a brain....literally. The main went to the doctor complaining of a minor leg pain.

A medical examination revealed that the man had just half of his brain. Numerous scientific explanations have been provided to justify the reason for his long survival. However, surprisingly the man held a full time job as a civil servant, had two kids, but had a below average IQ.

leg pain

The man was diagnosed with postnatal hydrocephalus at the age of 6. The phenomena means "water on the head". In this phenomena, fluids build up in the skull and causes the brain to swell. DEspite medication till the age of 14, water continued to build up in the brain. And over the past 30 years, it showly condensed and consumed the actual brain matter.

Thanks to brain plasticity, where different parts of the brain are able to recognise the neutral pathways to let other parts function multiple tasks.

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