North Korea's supreme leader not seen for weeks: Where is he?

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Pyongyang, Sept 26: Speculation is rife about the absence of Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un in public life and nobody has any clue about the reason. The leader even skipped a high-level government meeting on Thursday.

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According to Associated Press, televised footage of the reopening of the country's parliament did not show the 31-year-old leader, who is reportedly very fond of cheese (a habit he might have grown during his education in Switzerland) and has has gained a lot of weight, and that has made both his supporters and critics worried. Neighbour South Korea has also kept close tabs on the developments across the border.

Kim Jong-un, who succeeded his father Kim Jong-Il after his death in 2011, has not been seen since September 3 when he appeared at a concert with his wife. Many in North Korea are apprehensive about Kim's health as sometime back, he was also seen having problems in walking.

Experts in North Korea, however, see nothing alarming in this. He also went absent for two weeks in 2012 and returned to public life without any explanation. His wife also went out of public glare that year and while it was speculated that the couple had a problem, it was later thought pregnancy might have been the reason.

Theories of power struggle surfaced over Kim's latest absence particularly after he got his uncle and his entire family executed to kill any attempt of a coup.

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