MH 370: He left to surprise his wife, never to return!

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Kuala Lumpur, March 17: The missing MH 370 may have given rise to numerous theories; people are mourning and they will continue to dangle amid hope and apprehensions until they listen to the fate of their loved-ones.

But imagine a wife who comes to know that her husband had boarded the same ill-fated plane with a surprise in his mind, never to return, could be painful.

A shop attendant at Perth recaps her chance encounter with one of the MH 370 flight passengers, who bought a watch for his wife as a surprise gift.

Xian Wen Shi, 26, was in the ill-fated flight bound to Beijing that is missing for the past 10 days, leaving no trace behind, despite a vast land, air and sea search operations.

The shop assistant, under anonimity, revealed that she helped him out for 40 minutes in choosing a gift from teh duty free shop at the Perth International airport.

She further said that she figured out the idea behind the purchase from his broken English. "With my help, he bought a lovely bracelet watch for his wife, and I wished Mr (Xian) and his travelling companion a safe trip back home," she said.

Devastated by the news of the airplane, the attendant checked the passenger list and saw his name to her shock. "I just wish to let his wife know that he was thinking about her with the purchase of the watch. As for myself and the ones still here, it's a message to make the most of every day, be kind to each other, love your family & friends and be happy with what you have, even in your crappiest day at home or work. Remember, you are still here and get to see the sun rise with your love ones," she said.

As the attendant shared her experience via mail, the Malaysian Airline authorities promised that they would be forwarding the mail to her. Meanwhile, people have donated money to buy and send a similar watch to her.

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