MH 370: Iran maybe involved in the crime, says Ex-El Al expert

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MH 370: Iran maybe involved in the crime
Kuala Lumpur, Mar 17: Nine days after the Malaysian Airlines MH 370 went missing, many theories surrounding the disappearance of the airplane have emerged, one being that Iran may be involved in the whole incident.

According to a report carried out in The Times Of Israel (read here), a former El Al expert has said that the disappearance of the flight points directly to Iran.

According to Issac Yeffet, former head for global security for Israel's national carrier, the investigators have wasted valuable time by exploring other leads. He says, "My guess is based upon those stolen passports and I believe that Iran was involved."

This comes days after the Malaysian authorities had revealed that two Iranians had boarded the flight with stolen passports. Yeffet says that they could be behind this and that the 'flight is hijacked and landed in a place where nobody can find it.'

He also said that it was not just the two of them who planned this 'astonishing crime.'

On Monday, Malaysian authorities said that the search ops had entered a new phase and that the search ops were being carried out inspite of technical difficulties.

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