Malaysia gives fresh search coordinates to India for MH370: Reports

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Kuala Lumpur, March 19: Malaysian authorities have reportedly given the Indian government fresh search coordinates for MH370, the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines plane which went missing after taking off from the Malaysian capital on March 8.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian government and the opposition have locked horns over the missing plane. It has doubled the crisis for the government in particular, for it is already facing strong criticism for his handling of the crisis. Pro-government quarters are trying to tackle this by stressing the link that Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the missing jet's pilot had with the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim. The Malaysian government has been recently charged of trying to stifle the opposition and prevent it from wresting the power.

Did MH370's pilot shadow another aircraft to avoid military radars?

According to a report published in New Strait Times, the pilot of the missing plane might have maneuvred to shadow another aircraft to evade detection, opined an aviation expert. However, it is a near-perfect situation which requires a lot of skill and planning.

The pilot could have maneuvred the plane to shadow another plane, an expert said

Among many other theories, the one that the MH370 had flown in the shadow of SQ68, a Singapore Airlines flight, which alsoo took off for Barcelona in Spain on March 8. The expert also said that since the transponder in the plane had been turned off, the collision avoidance system on the Singapore plane could not detect MH370. To avoid detection by the military radar, the plane had to be flown directly under SQ68 but could it be flown with such precision?

Yet, many believe that the MH370 managed the precision and entered into the Bay of Bengal and finally into the airspace of India and Afghanistan. From there on, the aircraft could head to any destination, even in China, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.

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