London: BBC sting op exposes alleged AAP members in visa fraud

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Were AAP members involved in visa fraud?
London, Feb 11: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is yet again in news and this time the news is from the overseas.

According to an undercover operation carried out by the BBC, two people are said to have embroiled in a student visa scam in Britain. And if reports are to be believed, the two people are AAP workers of the party's UK division.

According to BBC's programme Panaroma, a purported AAP worker, Varinder Bajarh told a student that she could get a compulsory English language certificate that was mandatory for her visa without she actually appearing for the exam.

Another alleged AAP member from the UK is said to have handed over fake academic certificates to students.

The UK division of the AAP has denied the allegations and said that it was not aware of these two people as  the members of the party.

The BBC revealed that some impersonators were appearing for the interviews and the exam on behalf of some students who wanted to stay in the country and would then hand over the certificates to the students with a photograph of the students themselves.

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