Kurdish protesters stage mock slave-trade in London; urge world to act against ISIS (Video)

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London, Oct 16: To draw attention of the Western world to the slave-trade conducted by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Kurdish protesters enacted a mock auction on the streets of London, said a Newsweek report.

As part of the act, a group of women, chained and veiled, were brought to the centre and men, pretending to be ISIS supporters, encouraged passers by to bid for them in front of the Houses of Parliament, Leicester Square and Downing Street.

"This is what Shariah means," said the speaker for the fake ISIS group through a megaphone. "This happens every day in Iraq and Syria. We are bringing it to you," he said. The group lead the women in front of Westminster Square, followed by protesters chanting "ISIS, ISIS, terrorists!"

The protesters asked passersby to bid on the captured women "to serve them, for their pleasure". The speaker further described the women. "We have "Christian women, Muslim women, kurdish women from Kobane, from Raqqah, from Mosul", he said. The bargain bid began with 14-year-old Yasmin, for whom the speaker demanded more money as she is "pure" and "virgin."

The stunt was staged to provoke an "aggravated reaction, said the protesters who added that they wanted to highlight the "crimes ISIS are committing in Iraq and Syria."

"This is not a myth. This is already happening on our streets," they said, adding that this could happen even on the streets of London if the world doesn't take action.

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