ISIS executioner Jihadi John's family says they 'hate butcher and want him dead'

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London, March 3: 26-year-old burly masked ISIS chief executioner Jihadi John, who has allegedly beheaded kidnapped journalists and aid workers in Syria and has appeared in gruesome videos, is wanted dead by his family members, who live and work in Gulf Emirates.

According to a report published in Daily Mail on Tuesday, March 3, Mohammed Emwazi aka Jihadi John's 47-year-old mother Ghaneya Emwazi screamed saying, "That's my son", after watching the beheading video of US journalist James Foley.

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His father, 51-year-old Jaseem Emwazi revealed a horrific story and rest of his family members said they 'hate butcher and want him dead'.

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The ruthless killer's family was questioned as witnesses by the Kuwaiti secret security services on Sunday, March 1, during which it came to light that he last contacted them in 2013 from Turkey.

He called them to tell that he was going to Syria as humanitarian aid worker, while adding, "Please forgive me if I do anything wrong".

One of his cousin was quoted saying as, "We hate him. We hope he will be killed soon. This will be good news for our family."

His father said, "We are completely distraught. My son is religious and he hates the West. He feels they have abused him."

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Surprisingly, Jihadi John's father was working as a police officer in Kuwait but lost his job and moved to Britain after Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion.

According to his family, Jihadi John completed his computing degree from the University of Westminster in London and then worked in an IT-based software company till April 2010.

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He was also planning to get married, but in May 2010, he was banned form re-entering Kuwait which cost him his job as well as his fiancee.

At the age of six, Emwazi moved to London from Kuwait.

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