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If you have a friend in the ISIS, you must ignore him


Riyadh, Oct 20: If a friend of yours is fighting alongside the ISIS in either Turkey or Syria, let him or her go. Frequent chatting trying to find out what is going on could lead to the intelligence agencies crawling up to you and in case you are abroad, the risk of deportation is always there.

Take the case of the 8 persons who were deported from the United Arab Emirates recently. A friendship in school is what they decided to continue with and in the bargain ended up being deported.

Ignore your friend in the ISIS

The 8 persons were in touch with a school friend by the name Riyad who today is believed to be fighting alongside the ISIS in Turkey. These 8 persons from Kerala were in touch with Riyad through social media and this caught the attention of the authorities in the UAE which led to them being deported.

A friendship that cost them dear

All the persons who were deported were studying with Riyad at Ras al Khaimah. Riyad however had different plans later on in his life. He is believed to have boarded a flight to Turkey and is allegedly with the ISIS today. The 24 year old however continued to keep in touch with his school friends.

All the talking was done on the social media. This was a regular occurrence since April 2015 the month Riyad is alleged to have joined the ISIS.

However with India and UAE signing new pacts to jointly combat the menace of the ISIS, many have come under the radar. The UAE authorities watched the 8 Indians and it was found that the chats were with Riyad.

Suspecting something fishy, the 8 persons were questioned and later deported to India. On arrival in Kerala, all the 8 persons told the police the same story. They explained in detail as to why they were chatting with Riyad.

They said that they were concerned and also curious about his whereabouts and there was nothing more than this. Some even told the police that they tried convincing him to return.

What the Kerala police has learnt is that Riyad had gone missing along with a Bangladeshi friend last April. The moment he left for Turkey all his friends came under the radar in the UAE. The Kerala police which has registered an FIR against Riyad questioned all his 8 friends before letting them go.

UAE on the other hand has taken a tough stance in its war against terror. The country does not want to take any chances and if there is a remote doubt about anything suspicious they deport such persons to their home nation.

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