Gaza: 6 day old ‘miracle baby’ born from dead mother's womb, dies

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Gaza, August 1: In a double tragedy for Mirfat Qanan, she first lost her daughter and son-in-law in the ongoing Israel-Gaza violence and now her hope of living is also no more.

The 'miracle baby girl' who was born six days before from her dead mother's womb could not survive and passed away on Thursday.

According to reports, the premature baby, who was named as Shayma Sheikh al-Eid, could not survive as there were frequent power cuts and she could not be treated well in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) incubator.

The doctors at Deir al-Balah hospital delivered the baby in the violence-hit Central Gaza on last Friday under emergency Caesarean section.

One of the doctor told a news agency that the "baby suffered an oxygen deficiency in the womb after her mother's heart stopped and caused the baby to asphyxiate unexpectedly, rendering her brain dead."

The baby was referred as miracle child as she managed to survive in her clinically dead mother's womb, which is a rare case.

Her mother, 23-year-old mother, Shayma al-Sheikh Qanan, who was right months pregnant and her father were killed when an Israeli tank shell hit their home in Deir al-Bala.

The baby was also reportedly buried next to her parents. Her death amid the ongoing attacks on Gaza has left the world outraged and many people vented their concern on Twitter.

More than 1,450 Palestinians have been killed since hostilities began July 8, according to Palestinian officials.


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