How Mullah Omar was sheltered by the ISI

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New Delhi/Islamabad, Sept 3: Mullah Omar was sheltered by the ISI in Pakistan. There are several accounts for this claim which has been made time and again.

However, the Hillary Clinton emails clearly states that Mullah Omar was saved by the ISI.


The email regarding Mullah Omar is one of the many mails launched by the US state division. The bone of contention in these emails is that Hillary Clinton had acquired these emails on her personal server when she was the secretary of state.

It is clear that the Pakistan's ISI had two very important desks that it had set up. While one was to shield Osama Bin Laden, the other was to do with Mullah Omar.

Mullah Omar in Pakistan with ISI sanction:

The Mullah Omar issue has often been debated and there was enough evidence to suggest that he was living in Pakistan with the help of the ISI.

There was in fact a special desk of the ISI that had been set up to handle the Mullah Omar issue.

Special desks were also set up in the case of Bin Laden. The job of these special desks was only to focus on the person in question. All intelligence relating to either Mullah Omar or Bin Laden were handled exclusively by these desks.

The desks would report on the threat perception on the basis of which safe houses were created and these men moved around in Pakistan.

The ISI and the Taliban share a very close relationship and at all times knew about the whereabouts of Mullah Omar. The ISI would not just know about the safe houses of Mullah Omar or Laden, but also give its sanction.

Saving Mullah Omar:

Pakistan's ISI always knew the significance of Mullah Omar. The charismatic leader of the Afghan Taliban, he had complete control over the outfit. The ISI was well aware that it was only Mullah Omar who could ensure that the Taliban remained a united force.

When the US began its war on Afghanistan post 9/11, the ISI knew that Mullah Omar would be a target.

The ISI moved both Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden at the same time away from Afghanistan into Pakistan. After being moved into Pakistan the ISI set up two special desks to man both these men.

It was after a sanction given by the ISI that both Mullah Omar and Bin Laden were kept in safe houses. This has however, been denied by the ISI and Pakistan several times.

However, the lid on the ISI's lie was blown off when the Americans launched an operation and gunned Bin Laden down at his compound in Abottabad.

Mullah Omar, however, died at a hospital in Pakistan in the year 2013.

However, this was kept a secret for almost two years and it was a month back that the news of his death was confirmed by the Taliban.

Mullah Omar's death was kept a secret only because the Taliban was not ready for a change in leadership.

It was only once they managed to get the Taliban to accept Mullah Mansoor as their leader, did they confirm the news of Mullah Omar's death.

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