Horrific: When a man’s ear found to be home of 26 cockroaches

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London, Aug 28: Ear of a man in China found to be home of a female cockroach and 25 baby cockroaches, media reported.

Doctors in Guangdong Province were horrified to find an entire family of cockroaches residing in a young man's ear, The Daily Mail reported citing The People's Daily Online.

26 cockroaches found in man’s ear

The man, identified as Li, had gone to hospital after his ear became itchy and painful.

The doctor extracted a cockroach, measuring 0.3 inches long, from Li's ear.

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After further checks, doctor found another 25 baby cockroaches in Li's ear, which were thought to be laid by the female cockroach.

Cockroaches are one of the few creatures that are thought to be able to survive a nuclear blast due to their simple bodies and slower cell cycles.

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