Hillary Clinton's emails- How much will the "extremely careless" comment hurt her

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Washington, July 6: The Democrats may be for now relieved that the FBI did not recommend charges into Hillary Clinton's email practices.

While there is relief, the all important public perception of the incident is important since the FBI also did mention that Hillary had shown extreme carelessness in her handling of classified information.

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While the Democrats may be happy that the threat of having a presidential candidate in legal jeopardy may have ended, the other question is how much with the statement by the FBI affect the campaign.

Will the FBI's rebuke hurt the Clinton campaign:

The Clintons are famous for surviving controversies. Most of the controversies that have hounded the Clintons would have ideally destroyed political careers.

Bill Clinton for instance had denied an extra marital affair in 1992. In 1998 there was an impeachment on the Monic Lewinsky incident. However he completed his term in 2001 with a 66 Gallup rating. Hillary was elected to senate as well.

What made headlines was the FBI recommending that no charges be brought following its investigation in the case relating to Hillary's private email server.

In the FBI note it was stated that 110 mails had been found on Hillary's server that were classified at the time it was sent or received.

The Washington Post writes that this is in contradiction to what Hillary had claimed that she had never sent or received classified emails.

The FBI also also rebuked Hillary and her top aides while terming them as extremely careless in how classified information had been handled while she was the secretary of state.

The Post further reports that FBI director James B Coney said Clinton had used not one but multiple private email servers during her time at State. He said she used multiple email devices during that time.

(She had offered her desire to use a single device for "convenience" as the main reason she set up the private server.) He noted that the lawyers tasked by Clinton with sorting her private emails from her professional ones never actually read all of the emails (as the FBI did in the course of its investigation).

Comey said that while the FBI found no evidence that Clinton's private server was hacked by foreign governments, it was possible that it had been. He argued that the Clinton lawyers had deleted emails they marked as personal that contained professional content, and that while the FBI found some of those emails in its investigation, it was certainly possible more existed that they were unable to track down.

Hillary may have dodged an indictment, but there are still questions in the minds of the voter about her honesty. If Comey's comments are read into, then it clearly indicates that she has been extremely careless.

For Hillary the big challenge ahead would now to be answer whether she is honest and trustworthy.

There are already questions to this effect. As the Post points out that the best thing for her is that the Republicans are two weeks away from formally picking Trump as their presidential nominee. While her numbers are bad, Trump's are worse.

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