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Feels good: When a challenged man changed flat tyre of former US state secretary Colin Powell’s car


Washington, Feb 12: Even the powerful men need help and the faceless come to their rescue. This strange irony of life became evident recently when former US secretary of state Colin Powell found himself being helped by a man after a flat tyre left him stranded on the highway.

The 81-year-old former four-star general of the US Army, who served in the administration of George W Bush between 2001-05, was on his way for a medical consultation in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland when the incident happened.

Feels good: When a challenged man changed flat tyre of former US state secretary Colin Powell’s car

One of the tyres of his car gave in on Interstate Highway I-495, Washington DC, and it became difficult for him to change the tyre since it was very cold outside and the bolts in the wheel were too tight.

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It was then a military veteran with an artificial leg who came to Powell's rescue and the former secretary of state posted an inspiring message on his Facebook account on January 24.

"As the man got out of his car I could see that he had an artificial leg. He said he recognized me and wanted to help me. We chatted and I learned that he lost his leg in Afghanistan when he worked over there as a civilian employee. He grabbed the lug wrench and finished the job as I put the tools away. Then we both hurriedly headed off to appointments at Walter Reed," Powell wrote in his post, adding that the man named Anthony Maggert had sent him a heartfelt message as well.

Maggert later told TODAY that he retired from the military in June last year after serving for 23 years during when he served in all three wings of the military. The 42-year-old said he is now studying to become a chef.

"Gen. Powell, I hope I never forget today because I'll never forget reading your books. You were always an inspiration, a leader and statesman. After 33 years in the military you were the giant whose shoulders we stood upon to carry the torch to light the way and now it is tomorrow's generation that must do the same," Maggert wrote to Powell who was in charge when 9/11 took place.

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Maggert had to get his leg amputated in 2015 after he contracted flesh-eating bacteria in Afghanistan in 2011. He was also heading to the same medical centre to check new prosthetic legs.

'Show more kindness than seems necessary'

"We are still a good people, but we can do better. Teach our children, tell our politicians, media and celebrities that we are fed up with coarseness, belittling each other and forgetting that not one of us is really superior to anyone else. One of my guiding principles is 'Always show more kindness than seems necessary because the person you give it to needs it more than you may ever know'," Powell was quoted as saying by TODAY.

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