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Doklam: With media rhetoric failing, China adds troops at disputed site

By Vicky

China first went on a media rhetoric which was followed by statements by top officials to pressurise India amidst the Doklam standoff. With both tactics failing and India refusing to budge, China has now gradually started to increase pressure by adding troops at Doklam.

The number of PLA soldiers has been increasing gradually over the past couple of days. There are around 600 to 800 soldiers of the PLA who have turned up in the past couple of days, sources say. However India maintains that there is no major build up or aggression from the Chinese side.

Doklam: With media rhetoric failing, China adds troops at disputed site

On Thursday a Chinese daily has said that the countdown for a military conflict has begun. This media report came a day after a senior Chinese official said if the Indians do not leave Doklam, then they could enter Uttarakhand and Kashmir.

    Sikkim Standoff: China warns India of imminent war | Oneindia News

    An editorial in the state-run China Daily today warned India that the "clock is ticking away" and "India will only have itself to blame" if it does not withdraw its soldiers from the Doklam plateau which has hosted a military confrontation between the two countries since the middle of June.

    Wang Wenli, a top official with China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said , "Even if there is only one Indian soldier, even for a day it is still a violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity."

    Wang said, "It is impossible to have a dialogue with India at this time. Our people will think our government is incompetent."

    "We think it is not doable for the Indian side to use tri-junction as an excuse," she alleged."The Indian side has many tri-junctions. What if we use the same excuse and enter the Kalapani region between China, India and Nepal, or even into the Kashmir region between India and Pakistan, she also said.

    "I can only say that for the PLA (People's Liberation Army) and for the Chinese government, we have the determination. So, if the Indian side decides to go down the wrong path or still have illusions about this incident, then we have the right to use any act that is in line with the international law to protect our rights."

    "No War, No Peace:

    Indian officials say it is a 'no war, peace,' situation out there. Both sides have not moved in any additional forces or artillery amidst the stand off and this is a signal that situation is heading towards a calm down.

    A top official in New Delhi informed OneIndia that there is absolutely no tension at the area. The standoff continues and we hope that will withdraw, the official said. China on the other hand has maintained that troop withdrawal would be a pre-condition for talks. India has however rejected the same outright.

    There has been no extraordinary movement by both sides in several days now. The standoff has lasted for over 50 days now and India says that it does not see the situation worsening.

    A Chinese daily on Wednesday once again raised the rhetoric and said that the military countdown had begun. India however rubbished the same while saying that China is looking for a solution desperately and wants us to make the first move.

    OneIndia News

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