Devyani Khobragade row: What the media across world said

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New York, Dec 18: The arrest of Indian Consul General Devyani Khobragade in the USA and the strong reaction from India have caught the headlines in the media across the world. Here is what some of the media around the globe said about the incident and the reaction:

For reaction in US media, read here

In the UK

The Independent: "India has reacted with fury to the way its official has been treated, saying Indian diplomats living abroad have for years taken their domestic workers with them and that host governments have had few problems with the issue. Most middle-class Indian homes will employ several domestic workers, often at very low wages".

The Guardian: "The arrest quickly became a major story in India, dominating TV bulletins... India is acutely sensitive to its international image and status, and in the past far less serious incidents have provoked major clashes. Standard security checks in the US regularly are front-page news here when they involve visiting Indian dignitaries, who are largely exempt from being frisked while at home.."

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The BBC: "Reports in India said American diplomats and their families in India will have airport passes withdrawn and duty free arrangements suspended.One official said US diplomats' gay partners may also be liable to arrest for breaching Indian laws against homosexuality."

In France:

Le Figaro carried an article titled "India takes retaliatory measures against the USA, after the arrest of a diplomat"

In Middle-East:

Al-Jazeera: 'Nannygate' rocks India-US relations

In Pakistan:

The Dawn: "The revelation that a high-ranking diplomat could be subjected to such treatment while on a posting to the United States has caused huge offence in a country that sees itself as an emerging world power" and also "With a general election just months away, the ruling Congress and the nationalist opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are both keen to be seen as standing up to the United States over the issue."

The Express Tribune: "The case is the latest involving alleged mistreatment of domestic workers by wealthy Indian families. Many are poorly paid in India and rights groups regularly report cases of beating and other abuse."

In Australia:

Herald Sun & Daily Telegraph: "That reaction may look outsized in the United States, but the case touches on a string of issues that strike deeply in India, where the fear of public humiliation resonates strongly and heavy-handed treatment by the police is normally reserved for the poor. For an educated, middle-class woman to face public arrest and a strip search is almost unimaginable, except in the most brutal crimes."

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