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Turkey Coup Updates: 265 dead (including 104 coup members), 1,440 wounded, 2,839 soldiers detained


Ankara, July 16: In an unprecedented coup attempt in Turkey, militants and soldiers capture various media houses and streets in an uprising against the present government.

Meanwhile, President Erdoğan said that the attempt is a treason and no one is above the national will. We have been elected by the people.

President Erdoğan

3:41 pm: 265 dead (including 104 coup members), 1,440 wounded, 2,839 soldiers detained

1:19 pm: World leader condemn Coup attempt; Military chief held hostage is rescued; Govt takes over military HQ; 25 generals, 5 colonels sacked

12:53 pm: 90 dead in coupe

11:57 am: At least 60 people have died following the attempted military coup, a government official tells CNN.

Five generals and 29 colonels are relieved of their duty, according to Turkey's Interior Ministry, and several high court judges are also being questioned.

At least one air force base in the country is still in control of the insurgents, according to the ministry.

11:26 am: 800 people have been hospitalised in Ankara

Parliament building damaged seriously: Ömer Çelik, Turkey's EU negotiator, tweeted images that he said showed some of the damage at the Turkish Parliament:

"Our country has been subjected to treacherous enemy attack, which displays betrayal to the nation, their uniforms and morals. The necessary response has been shown to the enemy and it is still being shown," he said.

10:43 am: Some 754 people have been arrested following the coup attempt, the Turkish state news agency Anadolu reports, citing the Interior Ministry.

10:28 am: Turkish air forces down military helicopter used by parallel state to bomb TURKSAT satellite agency

10:13 am: Turkey President Erdogan's enemy Gulen strongly condemns attempted Turkey coup: AFP

10:07 am: Umit Dündar is the new acting chief of military staff, says prime minister Binali Yildirim.

There is no word on the current head of the armed forces, General Hulusi Akar.

Earlier, Erdoğan said he had no information about Akar, who was reportedly taken hostage at military headquarters by those behind the attempted coup.

9:56 am: Istanbul Airport functional

9:48 am: At least 60 dead, 336 people arrested across Turkey: official

9:40 am: Turkey appoints new acting army chief of staff after coup bid, says PM Binali Yıldırım: Agence France-Presse

9:30 am: Turkish coup soldiers in Istanbul surrender on Bosphorus bridge

9:13 am: Turkish F-16s launch air strikes against tanks outside palace: presidential source

Ankara airport will resume service shortly

Turkish Airlines starts flight

9:05 am: President addresses people, says that those of responsible will be punished. Vows to fight coup attempt

8:54 am:The Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim has called an emergency meeting in parliament on Saturday, the state-run Anadolu news agency reports.

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The parliament complex was bombed overnight, but parliament speaker Ismail Kahraman said no legislators were hurt. There were reports that some police officers were injured or killed but this has not been confirmed.

8:47 am: Hillary Clinton releases statement on the situation in Turkey:

8:45 am: Indians calling for help in Turkey via Twitter

8:41 am: India releases helpline numbers for Indians, asks them to stay indoors

Reuters reported:

The foreign ministry appealed to Bulgarians to cancel their travel plans to Turkey.

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"We are following what is happening at our neighbours with concern," prime minister Boiko Borisov told reporters at an emergency meeting with the defence and foreign ministers, as well as intelligence and security officials.

"Let's hope it will regularise in a lawful and democratic manner ... There are ways to topple a government and that in the democratic world happens through elections," he said.

Bulgarian foreign minister Daniel Mitov spoke on the telephone with his Turkish counterpart and contacts were made by the special services, Borisov added.

The border crossings with Turkey on the Bulgarian side are open. A witness told private national BTV channel that entrance at Kapikule border crossing into Turkey is allowed, but exit towards Bulgaria is not and several cars with Bulgarians were blocked on Turkish territory.

Bulgaria has built a fence at its border with Turkey as part of its attempts to limit illegal crossings of migrants from conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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"The border crossings from the Turkish side are closed. We have beefed up the border with border police officers and army units," Borisov said.

8:36 am: Turkish President says that the General has been killed

8:35 am: Turkey's armed forces have said it "fully seized control" of the country and its president responded by calling on Turks to take to the streets in a show of support for the government.

A loud explosion was heard in the capital, Ankara, fighter jets buzzed overhead, gunfire erupted outside military headquarters and vehicles blocked two major bridges in Istanbul. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in an interview over FaceTime with the CNN Turk, dismissed the action as "an attempt at an uprising by a minority within our armed forces."

His office declined to disclose his whereabouts saying only that he was in a secure location. "I'm making a call out to my people. I'm inviting them out to all our public squares. I'm inviting them out to our airports. Let us gather in our squares, at our airports as the people and let that minority group come upon as with their tanks and artillery and do whatever they wish to do," Erdogan said.

Soldiers blocked entry to Ataturk Airport where four tanks were stationed, according to the private Dogan news agency. Two other tanks and a military vehicle were stationed in front of the VIP terminal. The report said the soldiers had entered the tower and stopped all flights. The military said yestedray it seized control "to reinstall the constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms, to ensure that the rule of law once again reigns in the country, for the law and order to be reinstated."

The military statement went on to say that "all international agreements and commitments will remain. We pledge that good relations with all world countries will continue." Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that a group within the military has engaged in what appeared to be an attempted coup. Yildirim told private NTV television: "it is correct that there was an attempt," when asked if there was a coup. Yildirim didn't provide details, but said Turkey would never allow any "initiative that would interrupt democracy." "We are focusing on the possibility of an attempt (coup)," Yildirim said.

"There was an illegal act by a group within the military that was acting out of the chain of military command. Our people should know that we will not allow any activity that would harm democracy." Military jets were heard flying over Ankara and Istanbul. Gunfire was heard outside Turkey's military headquarters in Ankara, while media reports said ambulances were seen out front. "There are certain groups who took the arms trusted to them by the state and pointed them toward state employees," Yildirim said.

"We shall determine soon who they are. Our security forces have acted against these groups: AP reports

8:32 am: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in Istanbul that those who were involved in coup attempt will be punished.

A mission to fully cleanse the Turkish military of traitorous elements has begun, Erdogan said in the wake of a coup.

He was greeted by crowds at Istanbul's Ataturk airport early on Saturday, showed broadcast by NTV.

He spoke to supporters after the plane carrying him landed in Istanbul, Xinhua news agency reported.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said the situation in Ankara was largely under control and 120 people were arrested.

About 15 minutes before his remark, the parliament building was hit by bombs with people injured, local media reported.

A no-fly zone over Ankara has been declared (Courtesy: IANS)

8:31 am: 130 soldiers detained in coup attempt: Turkish media

Military jets take off from Eskisehir after PM orders destruction of aircraft above Ankara used in attempting military coup: Turkey Media

Military officers have been arrested, but situation uncertain.

Military officers have been arrested, but situation uncertain.

8:30 am: Explosion in general assembly

8:15 am: 17 officers, 42 people killed

8:00 am: Early Saturday morning, a military coup attempt was visible on the streets of Istanbul. People ran helter skelter and shops were shut close. Military men in blue and white could be seen blocking the famous Taksim sqaure and an opposition could be seen brewing up. Chants of "Army get out" and "no for a coup" could be heard.

"Turkey has regressed in the past few years under [president] Erdoğan, and the army came out to restore the balance that's the traditional role of the army here," said a bystander.

Another bystander said, "I don't support Erdoğan, but I don't want the military to take away our democracy. We have seen them before, and we have waited for democracy for 30 years."

Exlplosions could be heard early in the morning.

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