Colombia: 11-year-old girl used as drug mule; police hunt for father

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Columbia: 11-year-old girl used as drug mule; police hunt for father
Colombia, Nov 19: The police have caught a 11-year-old girl, whom they describe asColombia's youngest drug-mule. And allegedly, it was her father who used her as a mule to carry more than 100 capsules which were removed from her stomach through a surgery !

The girl is currently in a hospital in Colombia where she is recuperating after the surgery. She was caught by the police during a failed attempt to smuggle the drugs to Europe, said a AFP report.

The police said that the girl's parents are divorced and according to her mother, the girl was with her father for a weekend and came back with a bad stomach pain. The drugs were found when she was take to hospital. Police suspect her father was using her as a mule. Hunt is on for the father.

Colombia is one of the world's top exporters of cocaine, along with Peru, according to the UN records.

Tests are being conducted to determine what illegal drug it was. 

In total, the capsules weighed around 500-600 grams (about half a kilo). She was allegedly trying to carry it to Europe.

This is not the first time teenagers were caught during drug smuggling. In many cases, the kids were being used as drug mules by adults.

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