Chinese rocket fails to put satellite into orbit

Posted By: PTI
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Chinese rocket fails at orbit level
Beijing, Dec 9: In a setback to China's space programme, its remote sensing satellite failed to enter orbit today due to a malfunctioning rocket.

The high-resolution Ziyuan I-03 satellite, developed in collaboration with Brazil, failed to enter orbit after its launch today, state-run Xinhua news agency quoted military officials as saying.

The rocket malfunctioned during the flight and Chinese and Brazilian experts are analysing the cause of the failure. Space officials said a malfunction in the servomechanism and second-stage venire motors apparently caused the failure during the second flight phase.

The satellite was launched at 11.26 am on a Long March 4B rocket from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in northern Shanxi Province. It was a rare failure for the Long March rocket, which has been constantly upgraded and used for dozens of launches.

The last such failure was in August 2011, when a Long-March 2C failed to put a satellite in a designated orbit. The experimental orbiter SJ-11-04 had failed to enter orbit due to the malfunction of the rocket.

Today'’s failure followed the successful launch of Chang’e-3, China's first lunar mission to land a rover on the moon to explore its surface. The Change-3 probe entered a circular lunar orbit on December 6 and is expected to land on the moon in the next few days.


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