OMG! Husband bites off wife's nose, swallows it, here's why

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Beijing, Sept 10: Police have been investigating a weird case in which a man bit off his wife's nose and swallowed it. The incident took place in Dezhou in China.

The man, who currently is on run, reportedly was enraged as his wife did not answer to his phone calls. Investigating officers now have been trying to nab the culprit.

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Husband bits off wife's nose

The victim has been identified as Yang who generally works in late night shifts. Yang had a fight with her husband as the latter accused the former of ignoring his calls.

A day after, Yang's husband stormed into her work place and attacked her, biting off her nose and then swallowing it.

Speaking about the horrible incident, Yang has been quoted as saying, "And the next thing I knew, he pushed my head towards the way and ate my nose in one go."

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According to doctors, damage to Yang's nose is so severe that she will require extensive surgery. Almost her entire nose, including the nasal septum, soft triangle and nose tip, were eaten, local media reported.

Surgeons believe it will be at least three months before her nose can be cosmetically reconstructed, British daily The Independent reported.

The couple, who were both divorcees when they married, appeared to have a tumultuous relationship.

According to local news reports, Yang claims her husband -- who had two grown-up children from his previous marriage -- attempted to sell the couple's child so she could care for his grandchildren. When Yang refused, the couple separated, although she claims he continued to call her regularly.

Police are reportedly attempting to locate her husband.

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