Bizarre: Cat shocks the world, gives birth to a dog!

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Beijing, May 13: 74-year-old Jia Weinuan lost all words when he found that his pet cat gave birth to a dog. Despite all comments from non-believers, the septuagenarian kept on asserting that the cat has given birth to a dog.

The incident took place in China. Weinuan's statement sparked a new debate in media. He claimed that he personally delivered the Chihuahua puppy from his pregnant cat. Chihuahua is a dog of a smooth-haired large-eyed breed originating in Mexico.


The 74-year-old claimed that he disclosed this shocking information as he wants media to report about the incident and he can get "some sort of explanation from a scientist."

The owner of the cat informed he had left his cat to his friend's house where the female cat, Niu Niu, was kept in a same cage with a male cat. Later Niu Niu gave birth to five kittens and the Chihuahua was the first one among them.

"This really is a puzzle to me," said Weinuan and also added, "A dog born from a cat is not a good omen. I will keep it for now and see what happens. But I am 74 years old and not a person who likes to lie."

"After all these years I have never heard of dogs and cats cross-breeding, but I really did deliver this 'Chihuahua' personally," he added.

The owner of Niu Niu also was quoted as saying, "Male cats have their sexual organs under their bottoms. But the penis of the baby creature is under its belly, like a dog."

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