Canada: Santa Claus is Canadian, his pincode is H0H H0H

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'Santa Claus is a Canadian citizen'
Ottawa, Dec 11: There is some good news for those who have been working on their Christmas wish list and don't know how to send it to Santa.

Canada on Tuesday said that Santa Claus was not just a myth and that he had an actual pincode. Canada vowed to defend the North Pole and Santa Claus said that Santa was a citizen of Canada. Paul Calandra, parliamentary secretary to the PM cited Canada's claim of the North Pole to hit out at the opposition party.

'Santa Claus is Canadian, responds to letters every year'

"We know that the Liberals do not think that the North Pole or the Santa Claus are in Canada. We are going to protect them," she said.

"Everyone knows that Santa Claus is Canadian. His postal code is H0H H0H," said Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. He went to add that the postal service replies to thousands of letters sent by children from across the world , that is addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H H0H, Canada.

This comes to light after Canada expressed its intentions to claim the North Pole. Canada filed an application to the UN seeking to expand the North Pole's Atlantic boundary.

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