Brexit: Hours after voting to leave it, Britons googled 'What is EU'!

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London, June 24: Ignorance is not bliss always. While the whole world was left stunned by the UK's decision to leave the European Union (EU) in a referendum held on Thursday (June 23), it seems many of the voters did not know what they had actually voted for! The Washington Post reported. [UK joining and leaving Europe: A timeline]

Awakening to the disaster in the stock market and the worst decline of the Pound in three decades, many Britons said they were regretting favouring the Brexit, the report in the American daily said. Analysts have predicted worst days for the economy ahead, the impact of which will be seen across the world. [What is Brexit and why is it important?]


Many even told that the reality dawned on them after they voted and they would vote in favour of Remain if there was another chance. [Will David Cameron be Mikhail Gorbachev of UK?]

Search engine giant Google also became a part of the story as it reported that searches for "what happens if we leave the EU" had increased by three times several hours after the polling had closed.

Google Trends tweeted "What is EU?" was the second top question in the UK on the EU after the referendum results were officially declared, said the report.

It was even a bigger shock that many Britons did not even know what EU is even after the Remain and Leave camps made all-out efforts to court them.
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