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New Delhi, Apr 18: In the past couple of days there have been two email threats issued by persons claiming to be part of the dreaded ISIS.

While one threat email was received by RBI governor, Raghuram Rajan another was sent to the Press Club in Chennai warning of several bomb blasts in the city.

Cyber attack

The question now is are these really threats from the ISIS? The answer is no and this is exactly what Australia had witnessed, following the Sydney siege. These are a bunch of hackers who use the ISIS name to send out emails with the hope that the recipient is fooled to download an attachment part of the mail so that the system compromises.

The ISIS email scam:

Cyber crime officials tell Oneindia that there are two aspects to these emails. There is a steady network of people who are manufacturing these mails under the ISIS name and sending it out to persons.

The mails are normally sent with attachments and the recipient is lured into opening the same. The mails have an attachment and if the same is opened it could install a malicious code on the computer thus making it vulnerable.

This was probably the case in the Raghuram Rajan incident, an investigator informed. The mail sent to the RBI governor was an attempt to gain access to his system and could well be the handiwork of a hired hacker seeking out information.

The ISIS has always taken an extremely brazen approach to its activities. It usually posts plans on the social media. Although it does have a set of professional hackers in its outfit, it has often restrained from targeting high profile individuals.

The Chennai press club mail:

The mails that were sent to Rajan and the Chennai Press club appear not to be connected with each other. The mail sent to the Chennai press club warns of bomb blasts and also attacks on Hindu leaders.

This was a mail sent locally for some cheap publicity investigators say. Blasts in Chennai and targeting Hindu leaders are a type of Al-Ummah strategy and is not on the immediate scheme of things for the ISIS, the Intelligence Bureau says.

These persons are aware that such mails tends to cause panic and the only intention was to scare.

Testing alertness:

Groups such as the Students Islamic Movement of India and the Al-Ummah, which have made India their primary goal often test the waters before planning a huge attack.

Investigations into the Press Club mail incident would show that this was an attempt to test the alertness of the police in the city. Chennai has been on the hit list of several groups and they very often test the waters before planning something major.

At times terror groups have raised false alarms to check the alertness of the police. The moment such an alarm is sent out the police tends to gear up and this helps terror groups find out the positioning of the security mechanism.

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