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As US & Israel step up attack against Iran, here is a look at world’s N-deal with Tehran

By Shubham

As May 12, the deadline for US President Donald Trump to decide on resuming sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme approaches, both America and Israel have stepped up their attacks on the West Asian country.

Hassan Rouhani and Donald Trump

President Trump has called the multilateral Iranian deal which was made during the time of his predecessor Barack Obama in 2015 flawed and wanted the international community to fix it or else he would scrap the deal. He had disapproved of the deal even during his campaign for the presidential election in 2016. The USA's European allies have tried to make Trump rethink his position on the deal but with no success.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, another staunch critic of Iran, has accused Tehran of hiding and expanding its nuclear weapons after the 2015 deal and recently made a presentation of slides and photographs obtained from the Israeli intelligence to give "proofs" of Iran's violation.

According to a report in the New York Times, Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had entered a secret warehouse in January and then smuggled the plans to Israel in an overnight operation. However, the report did not say how such a huge amount of document was sent secretly to Israel.

What is the Iran nuclear deal all about?

What is the problem with the deal that was signed between Iran and six countries including the US, Britain, France, China and Russia, Germany and the European Union in 2015? It was said that the deal would see Iran benefiting from the crippling sanctions the West had put on it if it promised to abandon its nuclear ambitions. As a result of the lifting of the sanctions, Iran got a fast access to assets worth over billions of dollars has lied frozen over the years.

The problem with Iran is that it wants to maintain at least some of its nuclear programmes for serving peaceful purposes. The international community, on the other hand, is convinced that Iran's nuclear programme is partly designed to develop a nuclear bomb illegally and wants Tehran to bring the programme to a complete halt.

This difference in stands made the world a less safe and happy place to live. The 2015 deal came then to resolve the confrontation by allowing Iran to carry on with a small and peaceful nuclear programme but disallowing it to get the nuclear bomb.

Iran, led by a moderate president in Hassan Rouhani, thereafter made formal negotiations with the international powers stated above. In April 2015, the parties concerned announced a framework deal which looked favourable to Washington and in July, a final agreement was released.

Under the deal, Iran would quit most of its nuclear programmes like the enriched uranium and its centrifuges that turn the fuel into weapons material, leaving it with less than the required capacity to build a bomb.

Tehran would also allow inspection of its nuclear programme to ensure that it isn't violating the deal secretly.

As Iran meets its responsibility, the world will lift a lot of economic sanctions that were imposed on Iran, leaving a crippling effect on its economy.

The arms control experts said the arrangement would serve both sides and it was the best way things could have gone. But after Trump arrived, the USA's outlook towards the deal has completely changed and now it thinks it to be flawed, giving Iran more advantage.

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