Believe it or not: The Sun goes around Earth, say 1 in 4 Americans

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Americans score low in GK
Washington, Feb 18:Its a basic General Knowledge question: Does the sun revolve around the Earth or the Earth revolves around the sun? Unlike the most predictable answer of Earth going around the Sun, 1 in every 4 Americans said otherwise, showed a survey.

The National Science Foundation conducted a survey on 2,200 people in America and the results were released on Friday at the annual meeting of the American Association of the Advancement of Science Meeting in Chicago.

In fact, the results were disappointing with 26% of the surveyed answering incorrectly. The same survey showed similar results with other questions too-How did the universe begin? and From where did human beings evolve? For the first question, just 39% answered correctly and for the second question 48%.

This lack of knowledge is magnified by their misconceptions too. For example, half of those surveyed believed that antibiotics were not effective against viruses. Interestingly, their Chinese and the EU counterparts fared far better than the Americans.

In 2005, 66% of the surveyed in EU answered the astronomical question correctly. While China scored 66%, EU scored 70% on the human evolution question, state a report by NPR.

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