Why Russia is crucial to the Netaji Bose mystery?

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New Delhi, Oct 21: Russia on Tuesday assured India that it would check if files relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose are there in the country or not. The files in Russia, if any are of extreme importance to the mystery surrounding Bose. If there are files in Russia then what can India expect?

If Russia does have files and agrees to part the same with India, it would answer a very crucial question and that is did Netaji live in Russia as Stalin's guest till his death. The other question that these files would answer is whether Netaji returned to Bengal from Russia and live as a Sadhu till he passed away.

Netaji mystery:Russia plays crucial role

What can we expect from Russia?

From Russia, India can expect a host of information relating to Netaji Bose. During a meeting with External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj her Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov assured to look into the matter.When the subject was raised, Lavrov said that he will look into the matter and will let India know if there was any information.

The several persons who have been conducting researches on Netaji Bose say that Russia holds the key to solving the mystery surrounding the leader.

The Japanese government has not provided any information and the British believed that he was alive in Russia. This would mean that Russia will hold the key to solving the mystery surrounding Netaji.

The link between Russia and Netaji was not unknown. It was Stalin who had in fact facilitated the relationship Netaji shared with Germany and Japan during the World War II. This has led many to believe that Netaji visited Russia and was Stalin's guest until he died.

The other version is that Netaji left Russia and settled down in Bengal where he lived as Sadhu Saradanandji at the Shoulmari Ashram.

Medical evidence is not conclusive

Further the medical evidence relating to Netaji is inconclusive in nature. There have been doubts whether the man the Japanese army claims to have cremated was Netaji. There is nothing conclusive in the evidence provided by Japan, researchers point out.

What has led to doubt regarding the Japanese version is that the doctor's statements are inconclusive in nature. There was an affidavit filed by Taneyoshi Yoshimi, Captain, Medical in of the Imperial Japanese army and this has been quoted extensively.

However on June 30 1956 the Shah Nawaz Committee report states that there were apprehensions about the medical evidence.

Adding to the confusion is a Secret Telegram bearing the number 2227, note. IPI/EBP of 1946, dated March 2, 1946. In this it is revealed that that a Director of Intelligence Branch, India had claimed that Netaji could be alive. During the visit to London, the DIB mentions that there is information that Netaji may be alive in Russia.

Several documents suggest that Netaji was very much present in Russia after 1945. In this context it becomes extremely important for Russia to de-classify the files relating to Netaji and hand it over to India.

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