Why is Headley not talking about Karachi project?

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New Delhi, Feb 19: Is anyone interested in finding out the status of the Karachi project? During the testimony by David Headley before a Mumbai court, he did speak about coming back to India after the 26/11 attack. He was clearly not back on a holiday but was here for a specific purpose of surveying locations which were to be targeted as part of the Karachi Project.

What is the Karachi Project. It is a project devised by the ISI and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in the year 2003. The plan was to carry out a series of coordinated attacks in India and the 26/11 attack was also part of it. The ISI even roped in the Indian Mujahideen to carry out attacks in the country.


Headley should have been probed more about Karachi Project:

All through his week long testimony, Headley spoke about how he returned to India in 2009 and visited various places such as Pune and Rajasthan.

The fact of the matter is that he has shot videos and pictures of several locations and shared it with his handler Sajid Mir.

Prior to his deposition, it was quite clear that he would provide no fresh insights. While he has the cover of his plea bargain deal in the US which bars an extradition and death sentence, in India too he was quickly awarded a pardon.

The Mumbai court upon being told by Headley that he would depose, granted him pardon and made him an approver in the case.

Did the court act too early by granting him pardon? This acted as a shield for Headley who gave no fresh insight. The prosecution too has not asked anything much about the Karachi Project which Headley has worked on. The ISI has information given by Headley and could well be used when they plot future attacks.

The prosecution could have done better while cross examining him and should have asked him more questions about the Karachi Project. Instead, the entire week was spent on speaking about what all of us already know.

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