What is communal violence bill? 2 points of contention

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communal violence bill
New Delhi, Dec 5: The controversial Communal Violence Bill has raised the brows of one and all. While some believe it is UPA's strategy to win minority vote banks, others believe that

it is a tool to strengthen the integrity and harmony of the country. At first glance, it does seem to be a peacemaker, but on second thoughts it brings out the darker side of democracy.

When the government should be emphasizing on equal rights for all, it is promoting the minority community as the underprivileged and the deprived. "when there is a clear demarcation of society as minority and the majority, how can there be national integrity and how can the country be treated as one?" say experts.

Unconfirmed reports in the Internet cite many flaws in the Bill-be it security-wise or law and order-wise.

Recent amendments

Drawing the wrath of various parties, starting BJP, the two major points of contentions may be amended in the following ways:

The words "majority" and "minority" have been removed from the Bill. With this, communal violence law becomes applicable against any particular community and not

against a minority or a majority. To emphasize its point, the UPA further proposed to change the name of the Bill to "Communal Violence Prevention Bill".

However, another clause that allows the Centre to send paramilitary force to a state, without its consent, when a communal tension threatening the harmony of the

society arises clearly indicates that the first amendment is an eye-wash.

Apparently, PM Manmohan Singh has said that the consent of all the state leaders will be taken before giving a final nod to the Bill.

Only time can tell, whether the Bill (if at all it is sanctioned) can bring communal harmony.

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