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Video: Schoolteacher puts cello tape on 4-year-old kids’ mouths in class to stop them from talking


Gurugram, Dec 10: The education sector in India is the news recently because of a number of reasons, ranging from treatment of students in schools to their security inside the institutions.

Video: Schoolteacher puts cell tape on 4-year-old kids’ mouths in class to stop them from talking

Recently, a CCTV footage surfaced on the social media showing a teacher deliberately putting cello tapes across the mouths of two small kids inside an LKG classroom in a school in Gurugram to make them quiet. The incident took place in October and after the CCTV footage exposed the act, the concerned teacher defended her act saying the kids were disturbing the entire class and she had to shut them since they were using "filthy language", said an Inuth report. Well, four-year-old kids using "filthy language?"

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Here is the video of the incident which came up on Facebook and was viewed 19k times.

Following an uproar over the video, the school management claimed to have suspended the accused teacher based on the complaints of the guardians of the two students.

Gururaj, principal of the school, was quoted by the The Indian Express as saying: "On the complaint of students' parents, we had taken strict action and suspended the teacher."

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As per a report by Agrasar, an NGO that works to provide educational opportunities to kids, 43 per cent of children in Gurugram said that they regularly faced corporal punishment. The report also said that 80 per cent of marginalised children were reportedly punished by teachers and blamed for their parents' poverty.

Incidentally, today is the World Human Rights Day.

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