Union Cabinet clears India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement Bill: Report

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New Delhi, May 5: The Union cabinet on Tuesday cleared a statute amendment Bill to operationalise the Land Boundary Agreement. The move has come to fore after Modi Government took various states, including Trinamool-ruled West Bengal on board on the issue.

Reportedly, Bill includes land of three states states including West Bengal, Tripura and Meghalaya. Government has kept Assam out of it due to sensitivities in that state where BJP aspires to come to power in assembly polls, due early next year.

Parliament has to ratify the constitution amendment bill to implement the LBA as it involves exchange of 161 adversely-held enclaves by India and Bangladesh and consequent redrawing of boundaries between West Bengal and Bangladesh.

There are an estimated 50,000 people living in these enclaves and they have been given the option to choose one of the two countries to throw their lot with.

Earlier the BJP brass on Monday met at the residence of party chief Amit Shah to discuss whole matter related to Assam, including the contentious Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh.

Party leaders from Assam were also present at the meeting, where it was decided that Assam will be excluded from the bill as it is emotive issue for them.

Congress has been opposing tooth and nail the exclusion of Assam from its ambit.

What is the LBA?

The land swap deal known as Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) was signed between former PM Manmohan Singh and Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka in September 2011.

Under the agreement the zig-zag Indo- Bangladesh border will be redrawn and made much straighter.

As per the agreement, each country will have to transfer area under adverse possession and enclaves to the other one.
What will happen under the deal?

Under the agreement, India will receive 111 enclaves spread over 17,000 acres from Bangladesh and will hand over 51 spreading over 7,110 acres to it.

Bangladeshi enclaves mean land with people belonging to the country but encircled by Indian Territory.

India will also acquire 2777.038 acres adverse possession areas and transfer 2267.682 acres adverse possession areas to Bangladesh.

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