'The ISI has unleashed its cultural terror wing in India'

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Bengaluru, Nov 24: The cultural terror wing of the ISI is a reality and appears to be in full flow now. The job of the ISI's cultural wing is to propagate against the functioning of a government and going by some of the current events this wing seems to be getting the job done.

The cultural terror wing of the ISI functions in many ways. They have some important persons on their payroll who make strategic statements in a bid to embarrass the government. The main intention is to make the government look bad to the world.


The functioning is very similar to the wing run by the CIA. After the word war II the CIA realised that there would be no major wars and the only way to seek control of a nation would be to unleash a wave of cultural terrorism.

From documentaries to statements:

There are several ways in which cultural terror functions. Some countries unleash their NGOs which paint a very poor picture of a country.

The Nirbhaya documentary was one such example of cultural terror. The other form is to pick on a particular issue and ensure that it remains in the news always.

Amar Bhushan, the former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing says that "there have been instances where the ISI has roped in journalists to propagate against a government only to paint it in very poor light. The job of such journalists would be to paint a one sided picture of an episode and ensure that it becomes a trend."

No smoke without fire:

Intelligence Bureau officials say that such stooges of the ISI would wait for opportunities to make an issue of events. There is a need to show restraint while making communally sensitive statements.

"With the ISI in full swing today it becomes all the more necessary to show more restraint in passing comments", the officer also adds.

There could also be stage managed cases to incite communal clashes. There is enough proof to show that the ISI has activated its men to spread communal clashes in India.

The Yavatmal incident at Maharashtra in which two Muslim youth stabbed a constable protesting the beef ban was one such incident.

The other incident was at Bhrauch in Gujarat where a key member of the Dawood gang had paid off two persons to undertake the murder of two BJP leaders. In this case, two BJP leaders were murdered in Bharuch.

If one looks at the investigation report, then the plan was to execute more Hindu leaders in a bid to spread communal tension in the state.

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