The Indian women recruits of the ISIS play a variety of roles

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New Delhi, Nov 19: The ISIS has managed to attract both men and women into its fold. In the Indian scenario if one were to look at it, there are a growing number of women followers that the ISIS has managed to attract over the past couple of months.

Some of these women have tried leaving the country for Syria or Iraq while others operate out of foreign countries in a bid to trap the youth into joining the ISIS.


There have been at least 9 instances of women either having joined or tried to join the ISIS.

It started with a batch of girls from Hyderabad who along with their brothers and friends made an attempt to reach out to the ISIS.

They had left Hyderabad and were attempting to leave the country when they were all nabbed and brought back. All of them are under watch currently after being counselled.

Women tribe in the ISIS increasing:

In Dec 2014, a young lady was nabbed and her interrogation by the Intelligence Agencies suggested that she had spent a considerable amount of time in Syria with the ISIS.

Lured into the ISIS through a friend from Kerala, this girl is said to have spent 2 months in Syria before she made an escape.

The other case is relating to the London based Indian lady who goes by the name Ayesha Begum. Her role is similar to the one that was played by Afsha Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph of Hyderabad.

Begum has been an active social media buff who propagates for the ISIS while attempting to lure the youth into the fold of the outfit.

She had posted a series of messages directed at the youth in India and Bangladesh, but her's was one of the 5,000 accounts which was taken down by the Anonymous group which has vowed to delete the ISIS off the web.

The role of women in the ISIS:

India has questioned at least 9 different women who have made an attempt to join the ISIS. While in the case of Nicky Joseph they found that she was attempting recruitments in the case of the others the Intelligence Bureau had learnt that they were only accompanying their friends.

Women are often used as spies, sex slaves and also companions for the fighters who leave their countries to join the group in Iraq or Syria.

In the case of the four Hyderabad girls who were caught while attempting to leave the country, they said that the ideology did attract them, but the main intention was not to leave their brothers and friends alone on a foreign land.

"We were accompanying them so that we could cook and look after them," the girls had said.

Afsha Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph however was more forthcoming before her interrogators. She made it clear that she would lure youth into marriage and then cheat them later by sending them away to Iraq or Syria.

While she was in touch with several youth, there is nothing on record to show that she had been successful in recruiting youth barring the case of Salman Mohideen also from Hyderabad who almost joined the group before being apprehended.

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