The Great SIMI escape: Who inside the jail helped them?

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Was it an inside job? This is a million dollar question that needs to be asked while dealing with the SIMI jail break case that was reported from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh last week. 8 operatives of the SIMI had managed to escape from jail, but were shot dead in an encounter a few hours later.

As the probe into the matter gets underway a host of issues are being examined. For starters there were three non-functional CCTV cameras. In all the jail had 50 CCTV cameras, but three remained non-functional. It could be pure co-incidence, but the probe would go into this aspect seriously. One of these cameras was in fact installed the cell of the inmates. However that was non-functional on the day of the escape.

The Great SIMI escape: Who inside the jail helped them?

Further officials found a knife abandoned near a drain. The SIMI operatives passed through this drain while escaping and left the knife behind. The question is how did these inmates considered to be dangerous criminals get access to a knife in the jail premises where it is banned.

Sources say that the probe is still underway and the investigators would go into the aspect of an insider job as well. Further the police are also looking into who gave the operatives moulds for the keys outside.

The operatives appeared to also have accesss to new clothes after they escaped from the jail. They were in prison clothes at the time of the escape. However at the time of the encounter they had changed their clothes. Moreover all of them were clean shaven at the time of the encounter. How did these operatives find the time to change their clothes and also shave their beards while making a grand escape?

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