The Enfield Bullet motorcycle that saves lives

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Jodhpur, May 2: Its interestingly true. An Enfield Bullet motorbike is worshipped in a village in Bandayi, Rajasthan to keep the travellers on the road safe. The bike 'temple' is located on the way from Jodhpur to Pali and receives a number of visitors everyday who believe that it has supernatural powers.

According to a N18 report, one Chandresh Vyas said,"have come to this place many times. Whenever I cross this temple I get down to take blessing from ‘Om Banna' to have a safe journey ahead."

As popular saying goes, 'Om Banna' was a local youth who died in a road accident. His spirit is believed to protect other drivers and prevent them from meeting the same fate. The locals had built the 'Om Banna' temple around 26 years back when some of them dreamt of a bike without a rider, the ghost of Om Banna.

Bhagur Singh, a local in the area says,"Soon after the accident, police took this bike to the police station , but it returned by itself. Thereafter an officer took the bike with him to Punjab, and even this time it returned by itself. Since then this spot - where Om Banna and two of his friends died - has become holy for the locals."

The picture inside the temple is an interesting one too where a motorbike is parked at a pedestal and worshippers are offering their prayers with flowers to it.

Narrating his good luck, Gursharan Singh said," Few years ago, I was in need of Rs 20,000. While driving on the highway, I stopped , got out of my car and prayed. To my surprise, a man with sparkling eyes offered me the amount and said I could return it later."

He further addedmLast year when I had come to the same place to return the amount, I was told that he had died two decades back. I was shocked, but then I realized he was an incarnation of God. Since then I come to this place every moonless night to pay may gratitude to ‘Om Banna."

People also worship the tree under which Banna breathed his last after the bike accident.

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