Suicide or murder? Rahul Raj Singh gets anticipatory bail in Pratyusha Banerjee case

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Mumbai, April 26: After so many twists and turns relating to the suicide of famed TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee the Bombay High Court on Monday, Apr 26 granted anticipatory bail to her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh, accused of abetting the suicide of Pratyusha.

During the first hour of hearing process, Justice Mridula Bhatkar also heard three minutes of the audio clip of a telephonic conversation between Pratyusha and her boyfriend Rahul just before an hour before she hanged herself inside her apartment in Mumbai.


According to media reports, Justice Batkar observed that there where no certain evidence to show that the accused instigated or intended the suicide. However, the court also directed Rahul Raj to appear thrice a week for two weeks at the Bangur Nagar police station, which is investigating the case.

Justice, Batkar also observed that from witness' point of view that there were incidents of harrashment and dispute between the couple but there was no certain evidence to prove that Rahul Raj was gulity as there where no sign of abetment in the recorded conversation.

On the other hand, arguing over the bail plea Rahul's lawyer, Abaad Ponda said: "Both the couple were happy with each other and had partied together the night before Pratyusha commited suicide."

In addition to this he also cited the autopsy report which claimed that Pratyusha committed suicide and that it was not murder.

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