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Rahul Gandhi leads from the front to keep the issue of Rafale alive till 2019 LS elections


New Delhi, Dec 15: Now the real tension for the Congress is how to keep the issue of Rafale alive after the Supreme Court of India ruled in favour of the NDA government. The court has also denied any role of the government in the offset contract provided to any company. Therefore, it would also be difficult for the Congress to maintain credibility of its allegations made to help Anil Ambani by the government.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Senior leaders of the Congress believe that politics is the game of perceptions and perception about the Supreme Court among common people is quite high. So it would be difficult for the party to keep the issue alive among people. The Congress leaders are saying that the demand for Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) reports have their own importance but no one can deny the fact that decision of the Supreme Court keeps a different kind of importance for the people of the country.

Will summon AG, CAG over 'lie' to SC that PAC saw Rafale report: Kharge

The biggest concern of the Congress is that the BJP and its alliance partners will not leave any stone unturned to encash the SC decision of Rafale for their benefits. It is being realised within the Congress that the Rafale that had brought the BJP under pressure, the party will now be offensive against the Congress.

This was the reason that Rahul Gandhi himself has come forward to take the command on the issue to give the message to the party cadre that they must not consider themselves week. When the decision on Rafale came, Rahul was busy with decision making process of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh on names of their chief ministers. But he told senior leaders of the party that they must start answering the BJP on Rafale.

Rahul Gandhi questions SC's basis for verdict on Rafale deal

It has also been said that whatever the BJP and the government says that must be strongly rebutted. It is Rahul who has made Rafale a big issue. So he wants to keep this issue alive till the Lok Sabha elections. It has also been told that the company of Anil Ambani that had filed defamation cases against the Congress leaders and its spokespersons feels that the court decision will help the party win cases against them after the SC verdict.

As far as Rahul Gandhi's allegations against Anil Ambani is concerned the matter will be decided by the company after consulting the lawyers of the company.

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