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Parrot uses 'gift of speech', helps solve owner's murder mystery


Intelligent parrot cracks murder mystery
Agra, Feb 26: In a a bizarre incident, Agra police were able to get breakthrough in the case only after a parrot named the killer.

Agra resident Vijay Sharma's wife Neelam and her pet dog were murdered earlier this month. However, the police had failed to get any leads in the case till Monday.

Neelam had two pets - a parrot and a dog, who were very close to her, the family told Amarujala.

The parrot named Hercule stopped eating after Neelam's death. Whenever Vijay's nephew Ashu would come to the house, the parrot would get inside the cage looking scared and sit there for hours, unlike other days when it used to roam around freely in the house.

Vijay sensed the unusual behaviour of the parrot and thought it was upset and might be able to give hints about the killers.

He started taking name of suspects and asked the parrot to name his wife's killer. The parrot listened to the names and finally, responded on Vijay's nephew Ashu's name saying 'Usne mara, Usne mara' (Ashu killed, Ashu killed), the report said.

Police had earlier also suspected Ashu of murdering Neelam. However, the family had confronted the police. After Vijay got the hint from the parrot, he informed police to take Ashu in custody and question him, reported media.

In the preliminary investigation, it was revealed that it was infact Ashu who entered the house with his accomplices. As he was about to attack Neelam, the dog jumped on them and, even bit Ashu's finger. They killed both Neelam and the pet dog, the police told Amarujala.

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