Nepal earthquake: Recounting the 1934 horror

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New Delhi, April 25: The earthquake to hit Nepal today was probably the worst after the devastation of 1934. In the year 1934 the Earthquake known as the Bihar-Nepal earthquake was considered to be the worst the region had experienced.

In the 1934 earthquake, the number of people dead were 12,000 in Nepal and 7253 in Bihar.

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Recounting the 1934 Nepal earthquake

The earthquake of 1934

In this earthquake measuring 8.0, Munger, Kathmandu and Muzzafarpur were completely destroyed. The earthquake that occurred on January 15 1934 caused widespread damage in Bihar and Nepal.

The epicenter of the earthquake was in eastern Nepal and damages extended from Purnea to Champaran. Data on this earthquake reveals that the tremors were so bad that it impacted Lhasa, Mumbai, Assam and also Punjab.

Several buildings in Kolkata too were damaged as a result of this event.

The damage in Nepal

The earthquake resulted in large scale destruction in the towns of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan in Nepal.

Howevever the temple of Pashupathinath remained intact. The loss of life was however immense and almost 12,000 persons lost their life in the devastation.

The earthquake of 1934 is considered to the most devastating in the region. Another earthquake to hit the Nepal region was in the year 1988 with a magnitude of 6.0 and its epicenter was towards the Sikkim side.

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